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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Invest in Palestine Exchange?

In order to invest in Palestine Exchange, you must open a trading account at one of the licensed brokerage firms. Then the brokerage firm will execute the sell/buy orders on behalf of the investors via a special exchange's trading system.
How do I open a trading account?
It can be done in person, by visiting United headquarter in Ramallah or one of its branches in Gaza, Nablus and Bethlehem. Otherwise this can be done by contacting the company by phone or send an email to info@united.ps that includes (full name - phone number) and you will be contacted.
How many companies are listed on Palestine Exchange?
There are 49 companies listed on the Exchange that are traded either by Jordanian Dinars or US Dollars.
How can I trade (buy/sell) on the stock market?
By placing an order through phone, in person, fax or by e-mail.
What is the minimum deposit that allows me to start trading?
Must not be less than the amount (value of shares) that are intended to be purchased
What are the services provided by United?
The company provides a group of services that aim to meet the needs of investors, where most important are:
o    Trading
o     E-Trade
o     Order Confirmations
o    SMS service
o     Electronic Portfolio
o    Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Trading Reports
o     Periodic Reports and Summarize
o     Special Research and Reports
o    Portfolio Management
Can I sell my shares without opening an account with a brokerage firm?
You can buy/sell shares only after opening an account with a licensed brokerage firm.
Can I place a Buy/Sell order by phone?
Yes, however the broker have to assure that the one calling is the same person as the account owner.
Is there a commission or a fee to be paid when opening an account in Palestine Exchange or other regional markets?
Is opening an account can be done immediately?
Yes it is possible to open the account immediately if there is an urgent need for it and all the supporting and required documents existed.
What is the commission on trading in PEX?
For more details about the commission go to the main page - trading fees. 
What are United banks’ accounts?
For more details about banks’ accounts click here.
Is it possible that I pay the price of shares bought in cash directly to United?
It is strictly forbidden for the brokerage firm to receive cash from investors, the cash deposits should be deposited in company's banks accounts by the investor himself.
Is s there a ceiling on permitted fluctuations of share price during a single trading session?
Yes there are limits for the highest/lowest stock prices changes during a single trading session, and is calculated as 7.5% from the previous closing price (for shares listed on the first market) and 5.00% from the previous closing price (for the shares listed in the second market).
Is it permissible to sell the same tranche of shares through two brokers to speed up the process of sale?
It is not allowed to sell the same quantity of shares through two brokers. However, you may sell part of them through one broker and the other part through another broker, same applies on buying. This action may take place only after transferring the quantity you want to sell by another broker.
Does PEX provide an encouraging environment for foreign investment?
Palestine has a friendly investment environment as well as an encouraging legal and regulatory environment vis-à-vis foreign investment in the stock exchange. There are no capital gain taxes and no income tax on the revenues generated out of trading.


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