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United Etrade
United Etrade
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United Securities Co.





 United Securities is one of Masrouji Group companies and one of the first licensed member companies of the Palestine Stock Exchange since its inception in 1997. The company provides its clients with brokerage services in the Palestinian Market as well as other regional and international markets.

Over the past years, the company has carried the slogan "be reassured" reflecting its passion to meet the needs of investors, improving their investments and having the belief that the investor has the right to receive the best service and value. The policies that emanated from the slogan “be reassured” enhanced the mutual trust between the company and its business partners, specially the investors that have put their trust in the company. United Securities is always keen to provide its investors with reliable information and reports based on the financial information of listed companies. On the other hand, the company is committed to the risk – avert approach which increased the mutual trust and reinforced its slogan.      

United Securities believes in “financial inclusion” which is the right of every citizen to obtain the appropriate investment service, in addition to facilitating the access to financial products and services to all segments of the society. Therefore United Securities Company is the most geographically widespread among brokerage firms in Palestine. Its Headquarter is based in Al –Bireh in addition to four other branches that cover the West Bank and Gaza.

United Securities forms a strong bond with the Palestinian community and believes that its participation in the community is the core of its duties. Therefore, The Company has signed memorandums of understanding and networking with many Palestinian institutions and universities and participates regularly in conferences whether inside or outside the company. Moreover, the company invests in the local, regional and international markets and welcomes investment awareness students, trainees and visitors in partnership with other institutions with the aim of introducing Palestine stock exchange and the feasibility of investing in financial securities.


For more than ten years, the largest investment of United Securities is its investment in its team by building their capacity and refining their expertise, done by providing them several specialized training courses for the purpose of providing investors the best possible brokerage service. Moreover, employees of the research, trading, customer care and portfolio management departments provide investors and decision – makers in investment institutions with in depth reports that help make the right decision and provide them with the best possible investment opportunities locally and regionally.


The Company's positive and transparent cooperation with the Palestinian Capital Market Authority, in addition to the diligent efforts of financial management and the Compliance Committee have resulted in the implementation of the highest standards of safety and security in the field of investments. The company’s future look Is based on keeping pace with the development of information technology in the financial markets in order to be at a level no less than in other markets and opens a wider horizons of investment and facilitate access to financial information in a timely manner.




United Securities Board of Directors 

o   Dr. Haitham Masrouj: Chairman of The Board of Directors

o   Mr. Maen Bsaiso: Deputy Chairman of the Board

o   Mr. Mohammad Alami: Member of the Board of Directors

o   Mrs. Ruba Masrouji: Member of the Board of  Directors

o   Mrs. Reem Masrouji: Member of the Board of Directors


United Securities Executive Management

o   Ruba Masrouji: Chief Executive Officer

o   Ahmad Ammar: General Manager

o   Outhaina Abbas: Compliance Manager

o   Mohammad Abbas: Financial Manager

o   Mohammad Barq: Nablus Branch Manager

o   Abdullah Hammash: Bethlehem Branch Manager

o   Amjad Alawnah: Jenin Branch Manager

o   Zainab DarKhalil: Customer Care Manager

o   Shadi Shaheen: Research and Business Development Manager


Internal Auditor: Deloitte 

External Auditor: Price Waterhouse Coopers

Legal Advisor: Etqan for Legal Counseling

Advisor to the Board of Directors: Dr. Iyad Masrouji





To stand as investors first and best choice for investing in financial markets.


In United Securities, we are keen to serve our investors through the most efficient team in Palestine, in the belief that we must participate in developing the investment environment



  • Cooperative: we are an integral part of the Palestinian community. We aspire to serve our investors and community with the best possible way
  • Committed: to the rules and regulations of the capital market authority and Palestine stock exchange.
  • In contact: with Palestinian and International financial companies to contribute to the development of the Palestinian financial sector
  • Open: Towards innovation, to be on track with local and international financial development
  • Hold Principles: We believe that our work carries humanitarian and investment messages at the same time.
  • Interested: about our company to be the first choice for investors.
  • We believe: In our field and ready to continue investing in it.


  United Securities Departments:

  • Customer Care Department (Including Deposit and Transfer Services)
  • Research and Business Development Department
  • Trading Department
  • Accounting Department
  • Administrative Department


United Securities Services:

  •  Trading in the financial markets of Palestine, Jordan, UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. During 2016 the company opened trading in the US Market.
  •  Electronic trading and portfolio management.  Periodic reports sent to investors
  •  Contain a research department with outstanding competencies that works throughout the year in tracking the local and regional markets in addition to making necessary comparisons and financial analysis of listed companies.
  •  Order confirmation service by calling and sending SMS to investors to confirm purchase and sale orders and summarize the performance of the market.


United Securities Branches:

The company has four branches located in the West Bank and Gaza, in addition to its headquarters in Ramallah. This decision comes from the vision of the company to expand, spread and reach all investors. United securities today is the most widespread and have the largest number of employees among member companies.








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